Introducing Wealthmetrics – Official News Release

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Introducing Wealthmetrics – Official News Release

Newport Beach, CA. October, 2014 – Wealthmetrics – an innovative strategic marketing program based in Newport Beach, CA is focused on expanding CPA firms’ financial planning practices by utilizing a unique process and proprietary software that allows CPAs to identify and capitalize on incremental revenue opportunities.

Wealthmetrics provides the means for CPA firms to meet the ever-changing needs of their clients, specifically in the area of Wealth Transfer, Asset Management, and Retirement Distribution Planning.

“Our mission is to equip CPAs with the strategies and expertise that will allow them to take full advantage of the potential that is in their client base,” said Bill Elliott, Wealthmetrics’ President and Partner. “Our experienced professionals will help our affiliates expand their traditional practice, allowing them to define and reach all of their success goals – without impacting their core accounting practice.”

Wealthmetrics is lead by Bill Elliot, President and Partner, Cary Parker, Rich Engebretson, and Andy Holden, Partners, and Judy Beswick, Vice President.

“The team at Wealthmetrics will create transferable enterprise value for CPA firms through our quality business and management consultation,” said Cary Parker, Wealthmetrics’ partner and software solution developer. “Our unique proprietary software will analyze and define the wealth management needs of our affiliates and their firms.”

The Wealthmetrics model separates itself from its competition by bringing to the table experienced, independent financial professionals, a distinct focus on retirement distribution and wealth protection planning, and an exclusive software that uncovers new opportunities and helps CPAs realize the true value of their client base.

About Wealthmetrics Insurance Solutions Inc.

Wealthmetrics – is an innovative strategic partnering program that is proven to expand CPAs’ opportunities.

Wealthmetrics provides professional guidance, a complete marketing platform, innovative client analysis software that allows CPAs to uncover opportunities and expand their influence, helping them realize the true value of their client base.

Wealthmetrics aligns CPA firms with highly qualified professionals they already work with, to help guide clients through the complexities of the financial marketplace.

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Media Contact:
Audrey Gilmore
Marketing Communications Coordinator

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